The Handsome Swede

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It's the turbo-charged swede we all know and love, but what is The Handsome Swede? 

This is a project I started working on in the midst of a creative rut. I found myself falling out of love with my work in photography and decided it was time to try something out of my comfort zone. A photo series on Saabs and the people who love them.

For a very long time, I refused to shoot anything but landscape. It was easy for me. Find a pretty location, throw down a tripod, and take my shot. However, after a couple of years of only focusing on that, it lost its magic. Landscape became not only frustrating for me, but isolating. It made me bitter towards shooting anything else besides what I was already comfortable with. I started to think to myself "am I shooting this because I genuinely care about the subject or am I shooting this because it will accumulate a few hundred likes on social media?" This is probably the worst thought process anyone in the creative industry could have, and not knowing why I was shooting scared me. After feeling this way for months on end, an idea sparked in my head. If I took two of my greatest passions and created a small body of work with them, would it motivate me to shoot again?

On a whim, I made a brief post in a few Saab forums and groups hoping to get a couple of people on board to work with. I woke up the next morning to over 150 responses. Sure, who wouldn't want some quality pictures of their car? But it wasn't just pictures. These people had stories. Stories they wanted to be heard and embossed. I spent the next two weeks writing back to every single message I had received, setting up dates and times and places all over the east coast to shoot. Alas, this small project had quickly turned into something deep rooted that I never anticipated. In the short time that I've been working on this piece, I have found passion again. Not only in my own work, but in people. 

The next decision I had to make was how am I going to get these peoples stories out there? Sure, I could throw a few pictures on Instagram and add a quick caption about the cars, but that wasn't the point of this project. It dawned on me that I could publish a photo book featuring not only the Saabs themselves, but the people behind the wheel along side their "Saab story". 

How do I get involved?

All you need is two things, a Saab and a story. I'll be working on this project through out the summer of 2018, if you want to be apart of it feel free to get in touch with me at where you can supply as many details as you'd like, pictures of your car, etc. I'm more than happy to travel anywhere in New England or neighboring states. 

When will the book be published?

I can't give an exact date as this is a long term project, but I'm hoping around fall 2018. This page will be updated regularly with more information.



June 18th 2018 - The Handsome Swede was featured on blog, click here to read about it!